The Journey of the Three Wise Men from Persia

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50% Shirvan - Caucasus 186x120
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Връзвани-килими Caucasus

Caucasian Carpets: The Caucasian carpets are being woven in the regions on the mountains between the Black and the Caspian Sea. In these regions live many different tribes with different languages, such as Persians, Turkmens, Turks and Armenians. Despite the different tribes in Caucasus, the carpets that they weave have many things in common as far as the weaving, their motifs and their materials are concerned. The difficult accessibility of some regions in Caucasus has influenced the fabricants of handmade carpets so that they still use the traditional motifs without any exterior influences. Main colours of the carpets are red, blue, yellow, green and ecru. Their motifs are geometrical. Stars, squares and cross are some of their main motifs. Sometimes they weave human or animal geometrical figures and flowers in geometrical designs.